About Tepid Penquin


   Tepid Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds, that are highly adapted to..

Oh, fine, I’ll write a little something about myself. That is why you came here, right?

“Some people call me the space cowboy…” – from The Joker by Steve Miller Band

I grew up a in the Dairy Land, cheesehead! Yup. I graduated high school there, and then went to college, joined the army, came back stronger, and after some travel around America, I ended up in a little ol’ town called Tulsa where I met my wife, and now with her boys and mine, we have 5 boys & 1 girl. And, yes, it can get crazy with 6 “baby penguins”, but we love it!

In between the schooling, play and work, I’ve done many things, eh nothing too horrible. I mean I’ve been a ‘garbage man’, I’ve been a baker, door-to-door candle sales, worked at a water-park as a computer tech. (that was a cool job) My wife says I’ve ‘done it all’. But I haven’t done it all, that’s just silly. Still haven’t been to outer space. I’m always seeking  new knowledge, challenges and new friends. I love to travel, but it’s expensive. I want to take the boys to see London, Paris, and all of Europe someday!

I hope you enjoy my lil blog. I try to make it a positive uplifting site to share my own experiences and expertise. If you like a post and want to see more of that, please let me know.

I’m glad you stopped by. I really enjoy the comments and personal dialog, so drop me a comment if you can. “Like” a page if you want to see more like it. Or even suggest a topic. If you have a blog, I’d like to see it! I’ll try almost anything almost once. Send me a link, or just “like” or “comment”. So far I’ve always checked out everyone who commented on my page.

Be kind to one another!

Wanna know more, just ask.

Editor — The Tepid Penguin


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