How To Throw Spaghetti At the Wall

I’m still trying to nail down what this blog is about.

In this quest for the perfect “topics” or categories, I’m going to try the “fling spaghetti against-the-wall and see what sticks!” approach. Today I’m going to talk about my experiences with Pinterest and which projects I’ve tried.

Obsessed much?
Yes, I pinned this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted to Pinterest. Oh-My-Garsh! It’s like a black hole that sucks up all unused free time on the computer. I click on a pin and then it takes me to another whole board of similar things. Then just wash, rinse & repeat! It’s addictive like… cigarettes. With only half the nicotine and ALL the time sucking goodness. And woot it’s FREE. OK, wait, no it’s not, there is the cost of my internet service + the time wasted + the effort and money spent on new projects + the frustration from my spouse that it causes because I’m on the computer for 3 hours when I went to look for one recipe. ONE stinking’ recipe that I still can’t find. Search only helps if you know what to search for! How do you search for “that thing I saw the other day that looked yummy.” = Pricele$$?!?

So let’s get back on track.

I wanted to show you a couple of projects I’ve tried. I don’t by any means think they’re perfect or anything, but the kids and I have fun trying. I’ll leave links to all these projects at the end, if you want to try them.

The first project we did was foam pool float Light Sabers.

Pool foam Light-Sabers
Pool foam Light-Sabers

Yeah we had fun.The kids enjoyed working on it, and then they love playing with them even

friendly sparring

more! I think if I made them over again I’d make them all the same size though. Everyone wants the longest saber!

We also tried melted crayon art.

It went pretty well. One thing I didn’t expect? Some colors melt more slowly, way more slowly than others. I think it Crayon Artwas pink, yellow, and orange? They just would not melt. When all the other colors were running down like a waterfall, they were stuck. So that’s the trick, trying to get them all to melt.

My next “failed Pinterest Project” was colored spaghetti.

colored spaghettiNope, we didn’t throw it against the wall. I used separate zip lock baggies for each color and then dropped in food coloring. It seems to work better in small batches. (or colored spaghetti bigger bags maybe?) Also, if you are mixing colors, mix the colors first and then shake, otherwise it soaks into the spaghetti before the colors mix and you just get two colors in one bag.

So there you have it, my latest adventures in Pinning.

I really like all the new creative ideas I’m getting from Pinterest, and I don’t think it’s just for the gals. There is plenty for guys to pin too: Geeky gadgets, man caves, fast cars, and advice for keeping the kids happy. Please comment, I’d like to hear from you.

You can find directions for these and all the projects I have attempted on my Pinterest boards, click this link “I made this from Pinterest

Peace, Love and Iced Tea Y’all.

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