“Cahhh!” a baby-talk glossary

This was inspired by a note I wrote on Facebook, as quoted here:

The Rules of Baby Talk (as taught to me by my son)
on Tuesday, 26 January 2010 at 16:29
Sittin On Teh Pot
Sittin On Teh Pot

Something to drink is Joose (Juice)
Something to eat is Mo (More)
If it looks cuddly (most animals) then it quacks “QWah – QWah”
Mom is “Mama”… Dad (me) is “Da-da”
Someone other than a parent is “Dotdo” (Doctor)
Anything else is either “Kre-kro” or “Bop – bo”
If nothing else works, then cry, whine or grunt.
And as a last resort, plop on the floor, cry, whine and flail arms.
And now you know!!

An’ Dis iz how u sit on teh pot.
So I thought this needed an update for my new son, who is 2, and also likes to play with pots and pans. He has his own lingo/language and I thought I’d share it with you, because it’s SO dang cute (OK, so I’m biased). I’d welcome your comments about kids’ cute new words and phrases!
“Nyooo– ooooh” (phonetically long-“O”) Sitting in the high chair and wanna get out really bad: means I “Yes Dad, get me the heck out of this chair.”
“Mama” – means mom, or dad. Well, sometimes any adult in the general area.
“Caaah!!!” – means car, or truck, or really anything with wheels. He loves cars, favorite “cahhhh” is his ‘Mator’ tow truck.

Mator from “Cars” movie
“Goh… Caaaah!” – means let’s go out to the car, I want to go to the park. Did I mention he loves cars?
“Meow!” – is an animal sound that cats say. And cows. There is some confusion there. But he knows that dinosaurs:
“Kkhhhhhh!” – is his roaring. It’s so cute. He sees a dino or tiger or something and goes “KKhhhhhh!” (like static or ‘snow’ from a TV)
“Bahhh” – ball or balloon, or something round-ish. I like when he saw a huge granite sphere and went “Bahhl!!” and reached out for it like he would play with it. Haha, maybe my super-baby could?!
“De-De Dah-dah-dah?” – I have nooooo idea, but he says it quite a bit. Maybe it has meaning to him, idk. It’s surprisingly consistant, that’s why I think it has meaning. What that meaning is, eludes me.
“Wha-zat?” –  is “What’s that”
“Ova-dere” – is “Over there” like when he tells me where his mama is.
“In-Nere” – is “In there” like responding to “Where is your toy car?” it’s “In-nere.”
MyCahh” – my car
MyBall” – my car
Wha-za—at?” – What’s that?
Peeez” – Please!! haha cute
Dat! Dahhh!!” – Thank you. (I don’t know how, but it’s always what he says when you hand him something)
(more updates June 30th!!)
“Pee-Boo” – Peek-a-boo. He says it whenever we put a shirt on because I used to always say “Where are you?” in the shirt, and “Peek-a-boo” popping out of shirt… less crying about clothes when it’s a game. Try it?
Uh oh” – said when dropping something. Could be translated, “Dad, could you pick that up for me?”
And so forth. Awfully cute. I’ll try to update this as more cuteness unfolds. Thanks for reading. Peace – Love and Ice Tea!!!

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