Babytalk – Boo’s song in the bathroom from Monster’s Inc.

Boo from Monster's Inc
Boo from Monster’s Inc

Do you ever have a minor mystery that gets stuck in your brain and then worms its way around until you finally get the satisfaction of an answer? Well, one of my mysteries of life is: “In Monsters Inc, what are the lyrics when Boo is singing in the bathroom?”

I did several searches online, but can’t find lyrics. And I can usually find most anything online. What I did find was information about the melody, but no dice on the lyrics. Even went to,_Inc. Useful, not what I was looking for. So.. I listened to the movie with the volume turned way up, and checked the closed captioning. (I didn’t copy directly off closed captioning, because some of the words didn’t sound right)

Seems likely this is the answer. Without further ado I present the “lost lyrics” of Boo’s baby talk. (voiced by Mary Gibbs)
Sullivan: That’s a cute little dance you’ve got!
Boo: Ahhhhrgh
Sullivan: .. Almost looks like you .. OH
*Sullivan is waiting outside bathroom stall. *

Boo’s song (phonetics only, there are no official lyrics that I can find)

Sit in shadow long
And no one hears miss Kong
And then one lemon lump. ( tune of  “Beauty and the Beast” from the motion picture soundtrack -1991)
Sullivan: uh, are you done in there? *he pushed the door*boo_sullivan
*Boo squeals & Sullivan re-closed the door*
(new melody)
Sand-fly, sandy cake.
Sailing in clay.  (tune of “”One Love”, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soundtrack -1937)
Boo: uhhh…. (maybe she forgot the rest?)

Click here for scene.

(edited June 19th 2013, changed “Sailin in Flay to “Sailing in Clay” per suggestion. Thank you for your input!)

(edit July 2nd: added scene and a poll. this has been a very popular post! I love Monster’s Inc! )

NEW Monsters University OFFICIAL Trailer

I didn’t say it made sense, but it is the baby-talk of a three year old after all!!!

To round out this Monsters Inc. themed post I’m going to add some interesting YouTube videos I found. If you liked Monsters Inc, these should be fairly entertaining! Pixar movies are just amazing!!!

The following music video really demonstrates part of what’s great about Monsters Inc. A little innocent girl is able to turn upside-down the world of monsters WHO, as it turns out, are more scared of her than she is of them.

Video clips from Monsters Inc. Copyright Disney/Pixar //// Song is “New Soul” by Yael Naim

A behind the scenes look at the latest Monsters University Movie! Starring Nixie Pixel

This one is an amazing video remix by the very talented “Pogo” with sound and video clips from the movie. Cute overload.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Lijia says:

    It’s “saling in clay..”

    1. Thanks for the reply! That’s what my closed captioning said too, but I thought I heard “flay” on the audio. “Clay” would make more sense maybe? Idk, it’s baby-talk!

  2. Bobby Vo says:

    Actually, it sounds like an “s” sound. “Sailing in sleigh”

    1. I can’t tell. “C” and “S” sound pretty similar. My young son sometimes says words and I can’t tell what he’s saying. Pretty much the only way I can tell is the context. I don’t know if that relates to this, but.. I like “baby talk”, it’s so cute!

  3. Years ago, what I hear from the first tune was ‘Babies come along, lungs are care and strong, they went round and round’.

  4. Jarvae Zackery says:

    actually, I thinks its Wishing Well/ One SONG not One Love, cause I looked it up and I saw that instead

  5. Gigi says:

    I thought it was “no one hears my song” rather than “no one hears miss kong”.

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